Please know the facts about COVID-19 by being Informed!  

Myth -“The vaccine was rushed to be made, so it cannot be safe.”

Fact-The vaccine is backed by extensive research and a diverse group of people were included in clinical trials to test the vaccine.

Myth – “I’ve already had COVID-19, so I don’t need the vaccine.”

Fact- Not enough info on how long immunity lasts and there is still chance of reinfection.

Myth – “There are trackers in the vaccine.”

Fact – This started with Bill Gates suggesting to create a digital certificate of vaccine records, not placing trackers in the syringe.

Myth – “You need to have insurance to have the vaccine.”

Fact – The government will cover it and you will not have to pay for the vaccine out of pocket.

Myth – “The vaccine will cause an allergic reaction.”

Fact – The vaccine is not an egg-based product, so an allergic reaction is unlikely.

Myth – ” I have to be a resident of Guilford County to receive the vaccine.”

Fact – Anyone can receive the vaccine regardless of residency.

Myth – “The vaccine will give me COVID-19.

Fact – The vaccine doesn’t contain the virus so you cannot contract COVID from it, it just helps your body recognize and fight it.

Myth – “It’s not safe for me to get the vaccine if I want to have a baby one day.”

Fact – There is no evidence that the vaccine causes problems with fertility pregnancy, or placenta development.

Myth – “Since pregnant and lactating women can’t be vaccinated, there must be something wrong with the vaccine.”

Fact – Pregnant and lactating women were not included in the clinical trials, which is the normal practice for any drug trial in the initial stage; however, the Center for Disease Control recommends they do consider receiving the vaccine after discussions with their Obstetrician.

Socio-Historical Concerns

  • Minority populations and those with comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are at a higher risk of adverse effects from COVID-19.
  • Guilford County is leading the state in vaccinating minorities and is setting aside 35-50% of doses for this population.

What Do I Do Now?  Everyone is eligible now for the vaccine.  Schedule your vaccine today via phone all or through Guilford County’s website.

Contact Information

Guilford County Division of Public Health    Phone:  336-641-7944

State Website:        Four Seasons Town Center site:  888-675-4567


NC Department of Health and Human Services

African American Initiative of the United Way of Greater High Point Town Hall Meeting

Panelists:  Dr. Wayne Beauford, Dr. Linda Taylor, Dr. Iulia Vann Dr. Veita Bland