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This is Dred’s Discussion, a look at your municipal offices from the ground. Over the past few months our headlines have been dominated and rightly so, by the Coronavirus. One would think we dont have any local news. Au contraire. When the news isn’t news is when you most need to pay attention. Coronavirus is the national, state, and local news. Lifting restrictions is the number one topic. Which ones to lift, when to lift them, where to lift them, and how to lift them. As late as today, both the High Point Police Department and the Guilford County Sherrif’s Department announced no arrests have been made in connection with the emergency order. HPPD has responded to 94 calls and Guilford County received 46 complaints. With so few violations the City Councill was able to hold a closed session to discuss a well known municipal issue, City Clerk Lisa Vierling leaving to start work for Dr.Qubein at the new Children’s Museum. The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for recording and maintaining all official actions, meetings and records of the City Council. The City Clerk also serves as the official custodian of the City’s Seal and all:

  • Contracts
  • High Point Code of Ordinances
  • Minute books
  • Ordinances books
  • Other official records
  • Resolution books

For us, the public, the most missed function of the clerk will be providing Public Records. ‘If we have enough carts we can make it happen.” Golfing hasn’t taken a hit because of Coronavirus. Despite health officials warnings about social distancing many golfers continue to ride two to a cart. Soccer & football fields, baseball & softball fields, boating, fishing all thrived under emergency orders. The only activity that suffered seem to be basketball. Basketball courts had rims removed, covered by pexiglass, courts padlocked outdoor and indoor. P&R Director along with Jeff Phillips, Chairman of the Guilford County Commissioners agreed basketball posed a special threat to the community. On the positive side the city added 17 new police officers, 1 female, 1 Black male. The current Chief of HPPD shows a determined face not to form relationships with the Black community of High Point. Well until next time, this is Dred’s Discussion.