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All across our nation, people are beginning to speak out about the horrors and brutality of law enforcement misconduct and the fact that people of color, disproportionately African Americans, are treated more harshly by law enforcement officers – often fatally. People are looking to our local, state, and Federal leaders for real change.

LATER TODAY, THE FULL U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL VOTE ON H.R. 7120, the NAACP-supported “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”  Among other things, the legislation holds all law enforcement officials accountable for their actions, ends “qualified immunity” for police officers, ends racial and religious profiling, empowers our communities, establishes uniform policies for the use of force, mandates data collection on police encounters, bans chokeholds and “no knock” warrants, limits military equipment on American streets, requires body-worn cameras and classifies lynching as a hate crime, therefore making it open to Federal resources for investigations and prosecutions.

Please review the attached Emergency Action Alert and take Fast Action for a strong, meaningful response TODAY!

We are done dying.