Here We Go Again! Another mass shooting at Michigan State University, East Lansing. Three precious lives lost and five traumatized by life-changing injury. Students, faculty, and community terrorized with fear ~~ from Buffalo, NY to Uvalde, TX, and now Michigan.  High Point NAACP says NO More.

We are shattered, we are heartbroken, and we are furious.

The reign of terror by gun violence CANNOT continue. We CANNOT allow our lawmakers to endlessly debate, please and appease the NRA while those they swore to serve are slaughtered.

Thoughts without actions are dreams. Prayers without works are hollow.  Now is the time to STOP the horrors of gun violence. NO more politicizing. No more grandstanding. Act Now!  

HP NAACP condemns this act of gun violence and is committed to address this intolerable epidemic starting with the need to:  

  • Pass common sense gun reform measures at the federal level.
  • Require universal background checks for gun sales and transfers nationwide.
  • Repeal state “stand your ground” laws, restoring the use of deadly force as a last resort across the U.S.  
  • Ban military-style semi-automatic assault guns and high-capacity ammunition clips.

Nothing can bring back the friends, parents, siblings, and children our communities have lost to the horrors of gun violence, but sensible gun legislation is essential to making sure this vicious cycle of unnecessary pain and suffering ends once and for all. 

We urge all to lobby your state, local and federal representatives to stop these senseless massacres and address sensible gun reform while at the same time respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.     For more information:      

Elma Hairston, President