For over a week now I’ve tried to understand what took place at the last city council meeting, specifically with the Reparations Resolution.

There are many things to address; however I must start at the top—Mayor Wagner. Mayor Wagner has clearly been opposed to Reparations since September of last year.

The Mayor is doing his very best to create a narrative about the legality of reparations on a municipal level. It would appear that Mayor Wagner has no confidence in City Attorney JoAnne Carlyle. The Mayor knew that the City’s Legal Department assisted in the creation of the Resolution. The City Attorney was even compelled to speak on their direct involvement with the Resolution. Even after City Attorney Carlyle’s detailed explanation of the legality of the Resolution; the Mayor still insisted there were legal constraints.

The Resolution is solely for the creation of the One High Point Commission. Mayor Wagner should allow the commission to do the work. He should NOT try to create false constraints on the work of the commission. Mayor Wagner appears to be the paradox of the City’s Vision. “Creating the Single Most Liviable, Safe and Prosperous Community in America”

I wonder, would Mayor Wagner rather be the City Attorney? I wonder, if Mayor Wagner is scared of equity and equality for all of High Point? I wonder, if Mayor Wagner realizes that his prejudice and racist ideologies are on clear display?