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Washington, D.C. (May 8, 2020) – The NAACP will host a virtual press conference to address recent developments in the murder case of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, GA, on Friday, May 8, 2020, at 1:00 PM ET. The press conference will call attention to the lack of accountability of law enforcement in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, uplift the rally efforts tsking place in Georgia, and highlight an initiative put forth by the NAACP entitled #WeAreDoneDying. In addition to Ahmaud Arbery, members of the Indianapolis branch will join the conference to address questions regarding the case of Sean Reed.


“The modern-day lynching of Mr. Arbery is yet another reminder of the vile and wicked racism that persists in parts of our country,” said James “Major” Woodall, state president, Georgia NAACP. “The slothfulness and inaction of the judicial system, in this case, is a gross testament to the blatant white racial privileges that permeates throughout our country and our institutions. Justice is calling, and we will not rest until the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery are behind bars.”


“This incident is reminiscent of an atrocious era of hate and domestic terrorism where police officers and white protesters routinely brutalized African-Americans. It is despicable and displays the continuance of systematic racism and privilege granted to white people in America when Black bodies are at the epicenter,” said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP.


WHAT: Virtual Press Conference: Ahmaud Arbery


WHERE: Media can register to attend: https://naacpheadquarters.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_NaRCi-0qSdK7iJwTpuNX4w


WHEN: Friday, May 8, 2020, @ 1:00 PM ET/ 10 AM PT


Scheduled to speak at the virtual press conference is as follows:


Derrick Johnson, president and CEO, NAACP


Reverend James “Major” Woodall, state president, Georgia NAACP


Amari Fennoy, president, Youth and College Georgia state Conference, NAACP


Kevin Myles, southeast regional field director, NAACP


Chrystal Ratcliffe, president, Indianapolis NAACP


TyJuan Garrett, Esq., vice president, Indianapolis  NAACP




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