Thank You High Point University Doctoral Students for your collaboration with us, the Branch Health Committee!  It takes all of us to Win this Battle in a Pandemic!  The community must read and share and discuss all the information out there on this Deadly Virus, COVID-19! Choose Life for yourself and for your community! In the Guilford County area, 27% of its inhabitants are fully vaccinated!  This is not high enough.  Too many more of us are ill with the Virus and dying from it! Young Adults, Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get the Shot! Summer is coming and we want to get out there and enjoy and have fun!  Please do not let down your guard! Hang in there a little while longer wearing your mask, washing your hands and social distancing! Please be encouraged!  Speak with your doctor, a trusted messenger!  Be strong! Be Courageous! Stay Alive! Remain Healthy!

submitted by Gayle Simmons, Health Chairperson