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There has been a kaleidoscope of events on the national level; President against Senators, Governors against Mayors, so much so it causes you to take your eye off the bamboozle at the local level. This is Dred’s Discussion where we look at local issues from ground level. Covid – 19 still dominates local headlines with a twist. Initially we were told not to go to the ER, doctors and nurses here in the Triad are saying diffirent. Having not experienced the crushing rush of covid – 19 patients they expect and prepared for, local healthcare professionals have seen a 50% drop in ER visits at one local hospital. Triad healthcare professionals insist they are more than ready to take on Covid – 19 patients and everyday health emergencies without compromising either, in contradiction to national procedures. Amid the loss of life, loss of income, and loss of socialization all is not bleak. High Point expects to receive more than $8 million in federal aid. In addition, Guilford County is slated to get $93.7 million, with some of that coming to HP. The City Council will be determining how those funds will be dispersed but as we know, that’s already been decided. NC Chief Justice Cheri Beasley suspended most court proceedings statewide, including evictions, due to Civiid-19, expiring June 1. HPHA is hosting a food drive. Authority CEO Angela McGill said, “Together, we can help the families who are not as fortunate during these unprecedented times.” All food items collected will be distributed by the United Way of Greater High Point. High Point appears to have suffered eight Covid-10 deaths and nearly 140 cases, according to figures released byy the state’s main public health agency. City Manager Greg Demko announced that he will pursue ”several initiatives” to advance and foster “diversity and inclusion” in city hiring, promotional and contracting practices. N. Main Street and Lexington Avenue should be open soon. The city plans to allocate more than half a million dollars in federal coronavirus relief funds to community agencies. The City Council has held 14  closed-door meetings since taking office five months ago.